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Local NRA Certified Instructor training in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


 NE Florida's Premier Firearm
Safety, Marksmanship and Tactical Training Center


Firearms Training in Jacksonville, FL | Accurate-edge.comWhether you're a business owner or a high-profile citizen, you need to know how to protect yourself at all times. Arm yourself with the knowledge to feel protected with in-depth firearm safety and tactical training from our experienced staff of instructors. 

Since 2005, Accurate Edge, LLC has been providing basic and instructor-level firearms and tactical training courses for anyone wanting a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit or simply a better understanding of how to handle a firearm.  You must be at least 21 years old, or active duty military or veteran 18 and older, to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit or Firearms License.  

Junior shooters and lady shooters, we have trained and continue to welcome you, too, including and especially to our instructor classes.  There is a shortage of lady instructors out in the field and, yes, even juniors can become NRA Instructors.  Ask us how to enhance your firearms and tactical training today!

Accurate Edge, LLC  -  Where Every Accurate Shot Counts


NRA Firearm and Tactical Training Courses:

• Basic & FIRST Steps Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun
• Personal Protection in the Home (Basic Tactical Training)
• Personal Protection Outside the Home (Tactical Training)

• NRA "Refuse to Be a Victim" Personal Safety Seminar
• NRA Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer
* NRA's NEW Advanced Defensive Pistol Mentor Program



Why Train with Accurate Edge, LLC?

• Owner - 23 Years of Firearm Instructing Experience
• Owner is a FL D and G Licensed Security Officer
• Staff are Experienced Military and Law Enforcement

• Personalized & Private Firearms & Tactical Training for Families  & Businesses
• Non-Firearm Personal Safety Training Available
• On Location FirearmsTraining Available w/our Portable Live Fire Range

• Most All Credit Cards Accepted 
• Flexible Scheduling
• Weekday Firearms and Tactical Training Available

Personal Protection, Firearm Safety and Gun Care Product Sales

In addition to our firearm safety training, we sell Microtech Knives® and other products that help you feel safer at home or anywhere else. Feel free to talk with our owner or staff about the right products for your safety needs.

Accurate Edge, LLC is Licensed and Insured

Make an appointment with our team to discuss concealed weapons licenses.

LE / Security Officers desiring LE instructor credentials should contact NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division.
For civilian credentials to conduct NRA Education & Training Division courses, contact us!!

Service Area:
Northern Florida, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, St. Augustine, North of Orlando, East of Tallahassee

Available by Appointment or see our Events / Training Scheduled Dates page

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Florida Concealed Weapons Permit | Jacksonville, FL

Firearms and Tactical Training in Jacksonville, Florida | Accurate Edge, LLC.

Firearms Training in Jacksonville, Florida | Tactical Training





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