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The Benefits of Self Defense Classes

Self-defense is important for people of any ages and present benefits that last long into the G2ZN3652-300x200future. At Accurate Edge, we provide NRA certified protection classes both inside and outside the home in the sunny state of Florida. These courses are designed to help educate students in basics related to personal protection inside the home and outside the home. Our NRA-approved courses offers personal training to small classes, to ensure every student is getting the most out of the course. What are some reasons you should enroll today?

  • According to the FBI, over 900,000 arrests were made in the state of Florida in 2013. The largest majority of these arrests were for criminal offenses. Self-defense provides you with skills to avoid becoming a statistic in today’s world.
  • Self-protection courses ensure you can handle a variety of situations and keep yourself safe. You will learn the basics involved at protecting yourself, your home, and your family.
  • Courses help ensure that you can properly fire and handle a firearm. Being able to properly handle a gun greatly increases your safety.
  • Having the proper skills increases self-confidence, this mentally makes scary situations easier to handle.

If you’re looking for NRA certified protection courses in Florida, make Accurate-Edge your first choice.

Why Train with a SIRT Laser Pistol?

G2ZN2049-300x200SIRT Laser pistols can help polish your shooting skills and make training a lot of fun. At we offer a selection of SIRT laser pistols for your training needs. The simple design of SIRT Laser pistols allows training almost anywhere. What are some of the benefits of firearm training using a SIRT laser pistol?

  • There is no firing of any projectile when training with a laser pistol, so you can safely train anywhere.
  • Laser Pistols simulate the weight and gravity of a live fire pistol. These useful tools help you get used to holding and firing a firearm, without actually shooting live ammunition.
  • Laser pistols help you maintain control of a pistol and learn how to properly handle a firearm.
  • The SIRT Laser Pistol was developed for shooters by shooters.
  • SIRT Laser Pistols are simple to use and can help you effectively learn shooting accuracy and handling.

Get “trigger time” anytime and anywhere with a handy SIRT Laser Pistol at Accurate Edge. At Accurate Edge, we proudly carry on-target SIRT Laser Pistols for your firearm training. Contact our Florida based firearm training business today to place your order on a SIRT Laser Pistol to help you polish your firearm handling and firing skills today!