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Carrying Concealed Weapons: Belts, Holsters, Bags and More

When it comes to firearms training, one thing you will learn is how to properly carry and transport your firearms. Your ability to carry it safely and discreetly will ensure that it functions properly for years to come and that you keep both you and those around you safe. From the wide variety of holsters to fanny packs, there are many options to utilize when it comes to carrying around your firearm:

Holsters are perhaps the most commonly utilized of method for concealed carry and they come in a variety of styles. Holsters range from belt holsters to inside-waistband holsters to shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, even pocket holsters. Most holsters are made out of leather, nylon, or kydex, making them study and dependable. While each style offers a unique set of benefits, belt holsters are perhaps the most preferred, as they tend to offer the easiest of access.

Waist Fanny Packs
When it comes to firearms, it isn’t uncommon to see the utilization of firearms fanny packs. These packs sit comfortably around your waist. Again, these packs come in a variety of materials, leather and nylon being the most common. While they do safely contain your firearms, they are a bit harder to access, as compared to the holster, due to their variety of zippers and Velcro openings. However, many like the fact that fanny packs offers carriers to keep their firearms within close sight, as opposed to, say, the ankle holster.

Don’t let your firearms training go to waste by concealing your gun in an unsafe manner! Be sure to properly carry and conceal your firearms for ultimate safety and durability.