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Florida Concealed Weapons License / Permit

Training in Jacksonville, Florida


Why worry about your personal safety when you can take control of your security with firearm training from Accurate Edge? We specialize in helping you earn a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (CWFL)!  These licenses are also (incorrectly) known as Florida Concealed Weapon Permits.  While some states do actually issue permits, Florida issues a license to carry concealed.  CWFL's are easier to earn with proven firearm training from our professionals.  We offer the most in-depth and complete Conealed Weapon Permit / Concealed Weapon or Firearm License in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Marksmanship Fundamentals / Florida Concealed Weapons Permit
This course exceeds the state requirement for a Florida License / Permit.  It is somewhat shorter and a little less expensive than the FIRST Steps course.  We also have more time to cover any Florida specific details you may be interested in. 


NRA "First Steps" Pistol Orientation Course
This 4 to 5 hour course is perfect if you are a beginner who needs to learn safety and marksmanship fundamentals or if you simply need a short course to gain documentation for your Florida CWFL.  It does meet, and in fact far exceeds, the training requirement for your license application.  Remember, Florida issues licenses, not permits, and firearms are defined separately from other "weapons" under Florida statute 790.001.

The only thing you need to bring with you to your appointment at the DOACS Regional Office is your checkbook and documentation that you have demonstrated that you can safetly handle and discharge a firearm.  The NRA FIRST Steps course completion certificate provides that documentation.  You will fire close to a full box, and sometimes more than a full box of ammunition and achieve a marksmanship standard prior to graduating.  This is an NRA requirement for this course and we applaud NRA for setting this standard.

While we do prefer to run NRA approved courses, we can run our own Accurate Edge CWFL course upon request.  This course is NOT an NRA Approved Course but FL DOACS will accept our course completion certificate with your application.  It is similar to those one hour and two hour courses you see at gun shows and gun shops.   Contact us for more information on this course.


Gun, Concealed Weapons Licenses in Jacksonville, FL
Did You Know?
You may not need to take a course to meet the training requirement for a Florida Concealed Firearm License. For information about if you qualify, schedule an appointment to talk with our instructors.
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