A Gun Permit for Protection

Looking for a firearm permit for a personal handgun or other firearm to protect a family or individual? Take a look at Accurate Edge for critical help with getting a firearm permit in Florida. We serve the Florida community with services that help promote safe and legal carry, and better outcomes for those who choose to purchase our products.

Why Get a Firearm Permit

A firearm permit allows gun owners to effectively stay legal as they carry their weapons according to state law. A permit allows for proper gun purchase processes, and represents civic responsibility according to the existing laws set up in the gun owner’s state of residence. This type of permit can also help support better outcomes for gun owners by requiring safety training and other processes.


Learn how to safely operate and handle your firearm, allowing you to keep yourself and your family safe.


Accurate Edge can help customers comply with training apartments for firearm permit processes. With courses in safety fundamentals and marksmanship, we offer comfortable and discreet training in a professional and low-pressure environment. We help our customers to be confident with their guns, and to know what they are dealing with in terms of state law and other requirements. We also address customer’s philosophies of gun ownership with courses like “Refuse to be a Victim” and “Home Firearm Safety.”

A Process for Gun Ownership

Here at Accurate Edge, we understand that gun ownership isn’t like buying a sofa or a color TV. We know that there is a process for getting a firearm permit in Florida that must take place to really support our customers and make sure that they feel confident about their guns later on, when they have left our store. So we take care to introduce the process to them, to walk through every step with our customers, to make sure they have what they need for the future.

Talk to Accurate Edge about the best way to support a gun purchase and how to get a firearm permit in Florida.