Benefits of Taking a Course in Personal Protection in Florida

People have their own varied reasons for needing and owning a gun; whatever the reason, getting comprehensive firearms training that protects you and others around you is always highly recommended. Find out where you can sign up for personal protection courses today.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Maybe you purchased a gun because you’re worried about you and your family’s safety, but the fact remains that it is a lethal weapon which you need to know how to properly use and understand. It is important to learn about the safe and effective use of any firearm.

A course in personal protection will teach you all you need to know about basic gun knowledge, skills, and attitude required for the safe handling and storage of guns in your home.

A person who has never owned or handled a firearm before may not have the proper understanding of what their new weapon is capable of and the potential consequences of improper handling and storage. It is important not only to have hands-on experience with the weapon but also learn more about its handling and storage. Personal protection courses not only sharpen the shooting skills of students, but also teach students how to identify different types of guns and how to load and unload a weapon safely.

Accurate Edge Courses

Accurate Edge LLC offers the following courses:

  • Defensive Pistol I Course
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol Mentoring Program
  • USCCA Concealed Carry Course

If you want to know more about personal protection courses, schedules, time, and more, give us a call or drop us a line. Our phone number is 1-844-822-5207 and email address is You can also use our course schedule page to get in touch.