Tips for Choosing a Firearm

gun-1-282243-mWhen it comes to choosing a firearm, there are many choices in today’s market. However, it’s important to consider s few things before settling for the first firearm you see. When you’re ready to buy your first firearm, consider the following:

  • Find a knowledge firearm store. When you enter a firearms store, the salesman should be friendly, knowledge, and helpful. A good salesman will be able to answer any and all of your questions, and help you make an informed buying decision.
  • Try to find a range or facility that will let you rent different handguns, so you can get a feel for which best suits you.
  • If your firearm is for concealed carry, know the attributes that make a good carry gun. Light and thin, often equates to more comfortable carrying.
  • Do your research and learn about the many firearms manufacturers that exist. It’s very important to consider choosing a brand that is reliable and often garners rave reviews.
  • Most importantly, find a firearm that is a good fit. How does it feel holding the firearm? How does it feel shooting the firearm? The most comfortable you feel with the firearm, the more likely it is that you made the best choice.
  • Make sure the trigger is not too heavy or too light. Does it feel right for you? That’s the most important question to ask yourself.

You don’t go and buy a car without a test drive, and the same should hold true for a firearm. When you’re looking to get your first firearm or polish your skills, don’t forget to take expert Florida firearm courses at Accurate Edge!

Why Choose Accurate Edge for Firearm Safety and Tactical Training?

logo (1)It’s no big secret that signing up for an in-depth firearm safety and tactical course in Florida will make great improvements to your understanding of firearms as well as firearm handling skills. However, there are many other reasons for signing up for a firearms course with Accurate-Edge!

  • The owner of Accurate-Edge has well over 23 years of firearm instructing experience, as well as experience with handling firearms.
  • Accurate-Edge offers flexible scheduling as well as weekday classes. We make it even easier for you to find the time to take a firearms course.
  • We even offer non-firearm personal safety training!
  • Owner is a Florida D and G Licensed Security Force Member.
  • We offer on-location firearms training in Florida with our portable live fire range.
  • Our owner is a retired Navy Auxiliary Security Force Member.

If you’re ready to increase your personal safety, and learn how to properly own and handle a firearm in Jacksonville, Florida, there is no better choice than Accurate-Edge. Our Florida firearm training is world-class, and we aim to teach you the skills you need to greatly improve your personal protection and properly own and operate a firearm.  Contact us for more information today! Since 2005, our team has provided Florida’s best basic and instructor-level firearms and tactical training courses.

NRA LE Instructor Certified

instructor_logoIt’s no secret that Accurate Edge takes pride in offering the very best firearms training courses in Florida. We’re certified in many different NRA certified concentrations, but we’re happy to announce that we are now NRA LE certified! What does this mean?

The NRA established the Law Enforcement Division in 1960 to help provide the law enforcement community a means to certify firearm instructors that can properly instruct members of law enforcement on how to properly handle and execute a firearm.  Today, Accurate-Edge is happy to announce the certification to provide the best in law enforcement and military firearm training. Our state-of-the-art training is even better than before, and we look forward to training current and future members of law enforcement.

We always strive to offer only the best firearms training throughout the state of Florida, and we’re now even better than before.  With an extensive background in firearms, as well as a slew of certifications, you can take solace in knowing you’re receiving only the best and most well-rounded firearms training.  Learn more about our background, and schedule a firearms course today! Contact us for law enforcement training programs that can greatly help achieve your goals of safety, marksmanship, and tactical expertise.

Why Train with a SIRT Laser Training Pistol?

1342133028220_c442bWith a simple design, a SIRT Laser Training Pistols allows for firearm training almost everywhere and anywhere! There are numerous benefits that come with using a SIRT Laser Training Pistol to hone your firearm skills. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Train safer! SIRT Training Pistols don’t fire any projective, and the lasers are not harmful. This makes training safer and presents the trainee many options in terms of where they can practice their skills.
  • A SIRT Pistol weighs the same as a real firearm and handles very similarly. This helps you get comfortable with handling a firearm, and prepare you better to handle an actual firearm once the time comes.
  • SIRT Pistols mimic actual firearms in terms of placing shots on a target and even has a shock absorbing magazine that won’t damage if it hits the floor.
  • The lasers allow for proper training of draws and other pistolcraft skill sets. With a weighted magazine, a SIRT Pistol simulates the weight of gravity of 10 round of 124 grain 9mm ammunition.
  • SIRT Laser Training Pistols are proudly made in the USA!

Take your training to the next level with a SIRT Laser Training Pistol from

Are you Eligible for A Florida Concealed Weapon License?

gunpoint-308107_640Most often and incorrectly known as Florida Concealed Weapon Permits, a Concealed Weapons License in Florida can easily be obtained if you meet the mandatory requirements.  CWFLs are easier to earn with proven firearm training, but there are other requirements that are very important:

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must be able to demonstrate competency with a firearm, which can be done by enrolling in firearms training at Accurate Edge.
  • Unless you are serving overseas in the United State Armed Forces, you must reside in the United States.

Applicants may be denied for their CWFL for the following reasons:

  • Physical inability that prevents the safe handling of a firearm.
  • A felony conviction.
  • A record of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • A conviction for violation of controlled substance laws.
  • Failure to provide proof of proficiency with a firearm.
  • Being a fugitive from justice.

It is important to also mention that you may not need to take a course in order to get a license, but you must be able to present special documentation. If you want to learn more about obtaining your CWFL, consider enrolling in a course with Accurate Edge, or learning more at  Contact us for more information and questions regarding our classes.

Rules You Must Follow When Owning a Firearm

handgun-312049_640When it comes to owning a firearm, there many rules you must follow for your own safety. At Accurate Edge, we teach you how to properly handle a firearm, below are important rules every firearm owner should follow.

  • Know your target and what is beyond! It’s incredibly important that you have identified your target and beyond any doubt. Also be very aware of the area your target is in, and never fire in a direction where people are.
  • Know how to handle the firearm safely. We offer the best firearm training in Jacksonville, and can make sure you know the basics when properly handling a firearm.
  • Always make sure your gun is in working order before firing. Regular cleaning and proper storage are very important for the health of your firearm.
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  • Wear proper ear and eye protection when firing a gun at the range.
  • Much like driving, never use alcohol or drugs while shooting. It is very important that you are not impaired to any capacity when handling a firearm.
  • Always keep guns in a safe place where they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
  • Regular cleaning is very important in order for your gun to operate safely and correctly. Proper care not only extends the life of your firearm, but can also ensure your own safety.

Should I Own a Firearm?

iStock_000016161257_LargePeople have varying opinions on beliefs when it comes to owning a firearm, but there are numerous benefits to owning a firearm. Of course, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to properly handle and own a firearm before purchasing one. What are some of the reasons that you should consider owning a firearm and enroll in our Florida firearms training courses?

  • Bad things happen! Of course you can depend on calling 911, but when seconds count and you’re in dire need of self-defense, you’ll be glad that you own a firearm.
  • Guns stop burglars! Last year, it was estimated that Americans used guns more than 498,000 times to frighten away intruders who were attempting to break into their homes.
  • It is a constitutional right to own a firearm!
  • Shooting is a fine sport that can help sharpen your eye-hand coordination and also help you find a new hobby and passion.
  • Nearly fifty percent of households in the U.S. own a firearm, so you won’t be alone.
  • Guns in the home are safe, when gun owners learn and know how to keep guns responsibly.
  • It is up to you to protect yourself and your family. Self-defense is much more honorable than being a victim.

Owning a gun for self-defense is comparable to having insurance. You don’t really count on your house burning in a fire, but the possibility still exists. You also probably never think you’ll need a firearm to protect yourself from an armed robber, but the possibility exists, and it’s better to be prepared and protected than not.

Dry Fire – Practice Makes Proficient

Get the most out of your Florida firearms courses with dry fire practice. Often overlooked by experienced shooters, this activity is essential for developing the muscle memory needed to perform quickly and accurately under demanding circumstances.

Target Practice, Dry Fire PracticeThere are a range of options, add-ons, and tools available. They include laser pointing systems, trigger resets, and safety systems. Items like these can help, but are not necessary for effective dry fire practice. If you have access to these items, use them. If they are not on hand, you can still practice safely and effectively.


Start your weapon practice the same way you would any session—safely. Unload your firearm, verify it is unloaded, and unload it again. After you have made certain your weapon is safe for practice, secure it with a dry fire practice indicator. Muzzle flags, laser systems, and the like typically come with items like this; however, plastic muzzle inserts, colored electrical tape, and plastic ties work just as well.

Shooting Practice, Dry Fire TrainingOnce your weapon is secured, you are ready to begin. At the first level, dry fire is all about sight placement. To hone this skill, line your weapon up with the target, note where your sights are, and pull the trigger. If you are successful, your sites will not move. They will remain dead on target.


When you feel you have command over dry firing, test your steady hand by placing a dime, penny, or nickel atop your weapon’s sights. Can you pull the trigger without dropping the coin? Keep practicing. In time you will master positioning and dry fire.

Gun Cleaning – Safe, Clean, & Reliable

A clean pistol is a reliable pistol. To ensure your firearm is ready when you need it, we recommend servicing it after usage and all Florida firearms courses. Cleaning is also recommended before extended storage as well as after incidents that expose it to the elements.

Before you begin, make sure you have a few items on hand:

  • Gun CleaningSolvent
  • Lubricant or gun oil
  • Patches and patch holder
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cotton swabs
  • 2 to 3 Cloth
  • Cotton gloves
  • Cleaning brush
  • Correctly sized bore brush


A cleaning kit is a great source for most of these items. They come in a variety of styles and typically feature a specific size bore brush. Kits with a range of bore brush sizes are available, as well.

In addition to items found in these kits, we have added cotton gloves, swabs, and towels to our list. Having these items make cleaning as mess-free and effective as possible.

Once you have these items and are ready to being, make certain your weapon is unloaded. Then, check it again. When you have verified your weapon is unloaded, put on those gloves, set out one or two of your cloths, and disassemble your weapon.

Be sure to only go as far as your manufacturer recommends. Most often, this involves removing the slide, barrel, and spring. Check your maker’s guide for details about your firearm.

Start cleaning by wiping down all components. You’ll notice a good amount of soot, grease, and dirt—thank God for those gloves. Next, thoroughly clean the barrel with the cleaning rod, solvent-soaked patches, and the bore brush. For a more thorough cleaning, alternate between the brush and patches.

Once you are satisfied, wipe your weapon’s parts down again, removing any remaining solvent. Then, apply the lubricant to all moving parts—the action. A small amount of lubricant will do the job just fine.

Reassemble your weapon after you are satisfied with the lubrication, and white the exterior down with a clean cloth. Your gloves also help here. Now your pistol is ready for stowage, and ready to work smoothly when you need it most.

Self Defense: Using Pepper Spray

iStock_000015535733SmallWhen it comes to self-defense, there are many different ways to keep yourself safe. At, we offer a large selection of useful and essential Firearms training and self-defense classes in the state of Florida. However, did you know that there is a proper way to defend yourself using pepper spray? With any type of self-defense or self-defense method, there is a proper technique and need for knowledge to truly keep yourself out of harm’s way:

  • Never fire pepper spray with your hand far out, as this can result in the assailant easily knocking the spray out of your hand. As you spray, walk backwards away from the assailant.
  • When using pepper spray, aim for the assailant’s eyes and facial region and release a 1 to 2 second burst. After firing the spray, be sure to move out of the way, as the spray can produce a cloud that may get in your own eyes.
  • Like firing any type of weapon, don’t close your eyes or look away when firing.
  • Once the assailant is disabled, continue backing and concentrate on getting away. Pepper spray is meant to give you the opportunity to escape danger, so when that opportunity comes…take it.
  • Always make sure your pepper spray is within reach when alone.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you need to react quickly, start spraying the pepper spray away from yourself and working on getting away as quickly as possible. Sometimes you might not have a lot of time to shoot the pepper spray in the recommended way, but your safety is the major concern.
  • The proper and recommended way to fire pepper spray is to distract the assailant with your empty hand and yell “stop”. While you’re doing this, raise your shooting hand with the pepper spray and aim for eye level.