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What to Expect from a Florida Concealed Carry Class

If a Florida resident wants to carry a concealed firearm, it is important to obtain a concealed carry permit. Carrying a concealed weapon without one is illegal and results in harsh legal consequences. One of the best ways to prepare for the application process is to participate in a Florida concealed carry class.

What a Concealed Carry Class Includes

While taking a class, students learn the basics of safely operating a firearm. The rules of safety are covered. Students also learn how to hold a firearm properly, how to load and unload a gun and how to use the safety features. It is important to take a class from a certified instructor. In most classes, instructors can also answer questions students have about the Florida CCW permit application process.

Eligibility Requirements

There are several requirements for license eligibility. The best way to determine them is to read the updated terms. Applicants must not have felony convictions or violent misdemeanor convictions. They cannot have a history of institutionalization for mental illness.

Several other eligibility requirements exist. When planning to take a Florida concealed carry class, be sure to read all of the requirements to ensure eligibility before enrolling.

Why Choose Accurate Edge for Firearm Safety and Tactical Training?

logo (1)It’s no big secret that signing up for an in-depth firearm safety and tactical course in Florida will make great improvements to your understanding of firearms as well as firearm handling skills. However, there are many other reasons for signing up for a firearms course with Accurate-Edge!

  • The owner of Accurate-Edge has well over 23 years of firearm instructing experience, as well as experience with handling firearms.
  • Accurate-Edge offers flexible scheduling as well as weekday classes. We make it even easier for you to find the time to take a firearms course.
  • We even offer non-firearm personal safety training!
  • Owner is a Florida D and G Licensed Security Force Member.
  • We offer on-location firearms training in Florida with our portable live fire range.
  • Our owner is a retired Navy Auxiliary Security Force Member.

If you’re ready to increase your personal safety, and learn how to properly own and handle a firearm in Jacksonville, Florida, there is no better choice than Accurate-Edge. Our Florida firearm training is world-class, and we aim to teach you the skills you need to greatly improve your personal protection and properly own and operate a firearm.  Contact us for more information today! Since 2005, our team has provided Florida’s best basic and instructor-level firearms and tactical training courses.

Should I Own a Firearm?

iStock_000016161257_LargePeople have varying opinions on beliefs when it comes to owning a firearm, but there are numerous benefits to owning a firearm. Of course, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to properly handle and own a firearm before purchasing one. What are some of the reasons that you should consider owning a firearm and enroll in our Florida firearms training courses?

  • Bad things happen! Of course you can depend on calling 911, but when seconds count and you’re in dire need of self-defense, you’ll be glad that you own a firearm.
  • Guns stop burglars! Last year, it was estimated that Americans used guns more than 498,000 times to frighten away intruders who were attempting to break into their homes.
  • It is a constitutional right to own a firearm!
  • Shooting is a fine sport that can help sharpen your eye-hand coordination and also help you find a new hobby and passion.
  • Nearly fifty percent of households in the U.S. own a firearm, so you won’t be alone.
  • Guns in the home are safe, when gun owners learn and know how to keep guns responsibly.
  • It is up to you to protect yourself and your family. Self-defense is much more honorable than being a victim.

Owning a gun for self-defense is comparable to having insurance. You don’t really count on your house burning in a fire, but the possibility still exists. You also probably never think you’ll need a firearm to protect yourself from an armed robber, but the possibility exists, and it’s better to be prepared and protected than not.

Self Defense: Using Pepper Spray

iStock_000015535733SmallWhen it comes to self-defense, there are many different ways to keep yourself safe. At, we offer a large selection of useful and essential Firearms training and self-defense classes in the state of Florida. However, did you know that there is a proper way to defend yourself using pepper spray? With any type of self-defense or self-defense method, there is a proper technique and need for knowledge to truly keep yourself out of harm’s way:

  • Never fire pepper spray with your hand far out, as this can result in the assailant easily knocking the spray out of your hand. As you spray, walk backwards away from the assailant.
  • When using pepper spray, aim for the assailant’s eyes and facial region and release a 1 to 2 second burst. After firing the spray, be sure to move out of the way, as the spray can produce a cloud that may get in your own eyes.
  • Like firing any type of weapon, don’t close your eyes or look away when firing.
  • Once the assailant is disabled, continue backing and concentrate on getting away. Pepper spray is meant to give you the opportunity to escape danger, so when that opportunity comes…take it.
  • Always make sure your pepper spray is within reach when alone.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you need to react quickly, start spraying the pepper spray away from yourself and working on getting away as quickly as possible. Sometimes you might not have a lot of time to shoot the pepper spray in the recommended way, but your safety is the major concern.
  • The proper and recommended way to fire pepper spray is to distract the assailant with your empty hand and yell “stop”. While you’re doing this, raise your shooting hand with the pepper spray and aim for eye level.

The Benefits of Self Defense Classes

Self-defense is important for people of any ages and present benefits that last long into the G2ZN3652-300x200future. At Accurate Edge, we provide NRA certified protection classes both inside and outside the home in the sunny state of Florida. These courses are designed to help educate students in basics related to personal protection inside the home and outside the home. Our NRA-approved courses offers personal training to small classes, to ensure every student is getting the most out of the course. What are some reasons you should enroll today?

  • According to the FBI, over 900,000 arrests were made in the state of Florida in 2013. The largest majority of these arrests were for criminal offenses. Self-defense provides you with skills to avoid becoming a statistic in today’s world.
  • Self-protection courses ensure you can handle a variety of situations and keep yourself safe. You will learn the basics involved at protecting yourself, your home, and your family.
  • Courses help ensure that you can properly fire and handle a firearm. Being able to properly handle a gun greatly increases your safety.
  • Having the proper skills increases self-confidence, this mentally makes scary situations easier to handle.

If you’re looking for NRA certified protection courses in Florida, make Accurate-Edge your first choice.