Comprehensive Firearms Care

As an owner who possesses a firearm, you know the importance of this most precious possession. Your weapon is instrumental in your personal protection at home and outside, effectively putting you in control. However, it is only effective in protecting you if it is in good working condition. Regular cleaning is an important part of firearms care, ensuring an extended life of your gun, and safe and correct operation. Teaching you the right way to clean and store your firearm is an important part of our firearms training courses.

Your weapon should be treated with respect

It is imperative to keep in mind that firearms should be treated with the respect they deserve. A gun is a lethal weapon, mortally dangerous in unskilled hands. Handling a gun is no joke and not a matter to be taken lightly. The right kind of firearms training is a must, so is learning to properly clean a weapon after every use.  We make it our mission to provide top quality comprehensive firearms training, covering every aspect of owning and handling a firearm.

Why learning to shoot accurately just isn’t enough

While learning to shoot properly and accurately is a big part of firearms training at Accurate Edge, we understand that it is vitally important to learn proper storage and care of your firearm as well.

We recommend cleaning a firearm after every use, or before extended storage as well as after it has been exposed to the elements. Buying a cleaning kit helps, as it contains all the necessary items needed for the process. The process briefly entails carefully unloading your weapon and then disassembling it. One must only go as far as manufacturer recommendations, mostly including removing the slide, barrel, and spring. All components must be carefully cleaned and the moving parts should be lubricated. Thereafter, the gun must be wiped down again after reassembly. Always carefully store the firearm away from children.

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