Florida Concealed Carry Requirements – Our Classes

Are you looking for a course that covers the basic Florida concealed carry requirements? Accurate Edge, LLC, is here for you. Our business is dedicated to helping you learn about gun ownership and how you can receive the information you need to receive a concealed carry permit. The courses we offer cover everything you need to know about receiving your permit and even gives you more information! Let’s take a look at the basics.

There are a few very basic Florida concealed carry requirements you must meet before you receive your official permit. First of all, you must be at least 21 years old before you can receive your permit unless you are in the military, then you can be 18. Second of all, you must either prove that you are a citizen of the United States or be deemed a lawful permanent resident alien by the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you cannot meet either of these basic requirements, than you won’t be able to get a permit.

In addition to these basic Florida concealed carry requirements, you must also be able to demonstrate competency with a firearm. This is where we come in. Our marksmanship fundamentals course exceeds the basic requirements for a permit. We also provide a more extensive NRA “First Steps” pistol orientation course that is perfect for beginners that need to learn safety and marksmanship fundamental or individuals that want to gain their Florida CWFL. Take a look at our course descriptions to learn more about the many additional courses you can take to help you improve your firearm skills.

Whether you are interested in learning more about Florida concealed carry requirements or are ready to take some basic safety courses, you can count on Accurate Edge, LLC. Our business is proud to offer an extensive concealed weapons permit course that thoroughly reviews Florida concealed carry requirements and more. Contact us for more information about our courses. We are proud to provide services to the residents of Jacksonville, Florida, as well as other areas in Northeast Florida. Our range is located in Nassau County, near the Jacksonville International Airport.