Florida Concealed Carry Training

Finding dependable Florida concealed carry training in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as for areas around Northeast Florida starts at Accurate Edge. Our team has years of experience working with guns and helping other people understand the importance of safety when handling guns.

Florida Concealed Carry Training Isn’t Just a Good Idea — It’s a Prerequisite for a Permit to Carry Weapons.

The concept of concealed carry was developed in order to create an environment of safety and security even when away from home. The idea is that when you do carry a weapon, you do so in a responsible manner and out of sight, offering you and your family a sense of protection.

As a legally armed citizen, it is your duty to be responsible with your firearm. It is not the gun itself, but the training and knowledge of how to utilize it that will save you and your loved ones. It is important to recognize the fact that a gun isn’t just about aiming and shooting but also about knowing how to react in a life-threatening situation. Even drawing or re-holstering your gun can be dangerous if you’re careless; the more you know about handling and using a gun, the safer you and your loved ones are. The right training can teach you tactics, plus improve speed, accuracy and marksmanship.

Requirements in Florida

To qualify for a Florida concealed carry weapon license, Florida law says you need to provide proof of competency with a firearm. This includes a certificate of completion in a course from an approved training facility, whether the course is in hunter education, safety, NRA firearms, or other. You’ll also need to be 21 years or older, unless you are in the military, to be eligible for concealed carry.

Come to Accurate Edge, LLC in Jacksonville and we’ll help you properly and safely earn your concealed carry permit in no time.

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