Florida Concealed Weapons Permit — All You Need to Know

Not just anyone is allowed to legally carry a firearm out in public in Florida. There are several permits available, though, for those wishing to do so. One can obtain an Open Carry permit, which is for hunting, fishing, gun shows, etc., or a Vehicle Carry permit. Then there is Concealed Carry which requires weapon owners to have a Florida concealed carry permit or Florida concealed weapons permit as it is often referred to.

What Is Concealed Carry?

The term “concealed carry” refers to the practice of carrying a handgun or similar weapon on your person or in your proximity in a concealed manner in public. There is obvious danger in allowing people to carry concealed weapons, so the state set up rules and restrictions about is allowed to do so.

This is why the Florida concealed weapons permit exists, to prevent the wrong people from legally carrying concealed weapons and to permit law enforcement agencies to detain those who unlawfully do. The law also specifies where you may or may not carry a concealed weapon and the manner of carrying the weapon if you have such a permit.

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Requirements

Before receiving the permit, the weapon owner has to demonstrate they have physical ability to properly and safely handle their weapon. Those who have a felony conviction or other sentence or conviction, have violated certain substance abuse laws, or have been arrested multiple times may not be issued these permits (unless such rights have been restored by the convicting authority).

Individuals with documented mental health issues, have a history of domestic violence, or have been discharged dishonorably from the armed forces may also not be issued a concealed carry permit.

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