Gun Cleaning – Safe, Clean, & Reliable

A clean pistol is a reliable pistol. To ensure your firearm is ready when you need it, we recommend servicing it after usage and all Florida firearms courses. Cleaning is also recommended before extended storage as well as after incidents that expose it to the elements.

Before you begin, make sure you have a few items on hand:

  • Gun CleaningSolvent
  • Lubricant or gun oil
  • Patches and patch holder
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cotton swabs
  • 2 to 3 Cloth
  • Cotton gloves
  • Cleaning brush
  • Correctly sized bore brush


A cleaning kit is a great source for most of these items. They come in a variety of styles and typically feature a specific size bore brush. Kits with a range of bore brush sizes are available, as well.

In addition to items found in these kits, we have added cotton gloves, swabs, and towels to our list. Having these items make cleaning as mess-free and effective as possible.

Once you have these items and are ready to being, make certain your weapon is unloaded. Then, check it again. When you have verified your weapon is unloaded, put on those gloves, set out one or two of your cloths, and disassemble your weapon.

Be sure to only go as far as your manufacturer recommends. Most often, this involves removing the slide, barrel, and spring. Check your maker’s guide for details about your firearm.

Start cleaning by wiping down all components. You’ll notice a good amount of soot, grease, and dirt—thank God for those gloves. Next, thoroughly clean the barrel with the cleaning rod, solvent-soaked patches, and the bore brush. For a more thorough cleaning, alternate between the brush and patches.

Once you are satisfied, wipe your weapon’s parts down again, removing any remaining solvent. Then, apply the lubricant to all moving parts—the action. A small amount of lubricant will do the job just fine.

Reassemble your weapon after you are satisfied with the lubrication, and white the exterior down with a clean cloth. Your gloves also help here. Now your pistol is ready for stowage, and ready to work smoothly when you need it most.