Tom Eichling: Owner and Senior Training Counselor

Tom Eichling Chief Instructor at Accurate EdgeTom Eichling is the chief instructor at Accurate Edge, LLC. As a highly skilled NRA Senior Training Counselor, he has more than 25 years of gun training and firearm experience. After receiving his NRA pistol instructor credentials in 1991, he began providing NRA training and has been active ever since. In 2005, he received his Training Counselor appointment. Then, in 2008, Tom earned a Senior Training Counselor appointment.

Most recently, Tom added several new credentials, including:
NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
NRA Pistol Coach (L1)
Florida State K Licensed Statewide Firearms Instructor

Tom graduated in 1991 at the top of his class from the Navy’s Group Paced Instructor School in Groton, Connecticut. While there, he won the William O. Florstedt Award for outstanding performance. Later, in 1991, he became the Senior Instructor and Department Head of the Navy Biomedical Photography Technician School in Bethesda, Maryland. He held the position until 1995. He was certified as a Navy Master Training Specialist in 1992. In addition, Tom is a retired Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman with a specialty in biophotography.

Military Qualifications & Background Include:
• Navy Auxiliary Security Force member (Retired)
• Navy Master Training Specialist (Retired)
• Navy Marksmanship Team Member (Retired)
• Navy Expert Pistol, Expert Rifle, & Expert Shotgun (Law Enforcement Rating)
• 1st Place Champion – Navy Long Range Pistol Competition
• Graduate of Navy Phase I Law Enforcement Course
• Graduate of the Army Marksmanship Training Unit Small Arms Firing School
• Competed in NRA Conventional Pistol and High Power Rifle at Fleet and All Navy Matches
• Competed in NRA Conventional Pistol at Interservice Matches and the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio

Civilian Qualifications & Background Include:
• NRA Senior Training Counselor with 25 Years Firearm Training Experience
• NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and RTBAV Regional Counselor
• First in Florida to offer NRA’s New Advanced Defensive Pistol Mentoring Program
• IDPA Safety Officer
• Florida State Licensed D (Unarmed) and G (Armed) Security Officer
• Glock Armorer and Graduate of Glock Law Enforcement Instructor Workshop
• Graduate of LFI I and LFI II, and Occasional Live Fire Range Safety Officer For These Classes
• Graduate of Front Sight Four-Day Pistol Course
• Awards at Regional & State Sportsman Team Challenge Events

Graduate of 18 Separate Courses Conducted At:
• Lethal Force Institute (Including Persuader Course)
• Tactical Firearms Academy (Courses Taught by Broward Sheriff Office Deputies/Firearms Instructors)
• Storm Mountain Training Center
• Front Sight

Graduate of Four Separate Civilian Law Enforcement Academies:
• Coral Springs Police Dept., FL
• St. John’s County Sheriff Office, FL
• Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, FL
• Jacksonville Beach Sheriff’s Office, FL

NRA Certified Instructor/Senior Training Counselor Credentials Include:
• NRA Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun
• NRA Personal Protection In the Home
• NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
• NRA Home Firearm Safety
• NRA Muzzleloading Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun
• NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA Refuse to Be a Victim (RTBAV) Regional Counselor
• NRA Defensive Pistol Mentoring Program

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