Preparing to Register for a Concealed Carry Permit in Florida

Firearm Permit in Florida | Accurate-Edge.comThere are many reasons why Floridians apply for concealed carry permits — self-defense and peace of mind chief among them. However, before you can be issued a permit of this type, there are a number of steps you’ll need to take. Being granted a concealed carry permit is a tremendous responsibility, and the Sunshine State doesn’t issue them to just anyone who applies. If you’re interested in obtaining one of these permits, you’ll need to tend to the following tasks.

Confirm That You’re Qualified to Apply for This Permit

You need to be at least 21 years of age to apply for a concealed firearm permit in Florida. Active and retired military personnel can apply for this permit as early as age 18, and are the sole exception to this rule. Furthermore, military personnel generally don’t need to complete additional training courses to qualify for this permit.

Take Part in a Training Course

Even experienced gun owners can benefit from attending the occasional training course, so it should come as no surprise that most concealed carry applicants are required to take part in them. When applying for your permit, you’ll be expected to provide a copy of your certificate of completion. There’s no discernible downside to attending these courses. To ensure that your stance, aim, and marksmanship remain in top form, you may even consider going back for periodic refreshers after receiving your permit.

Read Up on the Law

If you want a concealed carry permit for self-defense purposes, it behooves you to read up on the state’s laws regarding judicious use of firearms. Fortunately, most training facilities offer informative courses on this subject. The knowledge you’ll gain will help you determine the types of situations that warrant the use of your gun(s).

Although some people may find the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit cumbersome, this process is in place to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. When preparing to apply for one of these permits, remember to review your qualifications, sign up for an informative training course and educate yourself on state gun laws.