Why Choose Accurate Edge to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

Protecting yourself, your business, or your home is a number one priority in this day and age. According to the FBI, over 904,634 arrests were made in the state of Florida in 2013, with the largest majority of these arrests involving criminal offenses such as murder, robbery, and assault. At Accurate Edge, we make your safety our number one priority by offering expert training in firearm safety, marksmanship, and tactical training. If you’re looking to obtain your Florida concealed weapons permit, learn how to properly handle a firearm with Accurate Edge.

Since 2005 we’ve helped many people obtain a Florida concealed weapons permit and educated a large number of people in firearm safety as well as how to properly handle and fire a gun. By enrolling in firearm safety training with Accurate Edge, you’re not only receiving expert training, but in-depth firearm safety and tactical training from an experienced and passionate staff of instructors. In order to obtain a Florida concealed weapons permit one must be 21 years old, or an active duty military or veteran 18 or older. Meeting the age requirements is only one piece of receiving a Florida concealed weapons permit, but having the knowledge and skill to safely and effectively handle a firearm is immensely important and can help you greatly protect yourself. What other reasons should you choose Accurate Edge to obtain a Florida concealed weapons permit and harness the knowledge and skill to safely own a firearm?

Expert Instruction:

Our owner has 23 years of firearm instructing experience and is a retired Navy Auxiliary Security Force Member, as well as a FL D and G Licensed Security Officer. On top of this, all of our staff are all versed and experienced in Military and Law Enforcement and understand firearm safety and the importance of having knowledge and experience when it comes to firearm safety and execution.

Personalized and Private Firearms and Tactical Training:

Accurate Edge offers personalized and private training for families and businesses. We take time to help you gain the knowledge and skill involved with owning a firearm and Florida concealed weapons permit. Accurate Edge also offers personal safety courses that do not involve firearms. Even better, Accurate Edge offers on location firearms training with our extensive portable live fire range. Our courses are also extremely flexible with weekday classes available.

NRA Affiliation:

Accurate Edge is a proud NRA Affiliated Club Member and offers a slew of NRA and other Firearm and Tactical Training Courses.

If you’re ready to obtain your Florida concealed weapons permit and learn how to shoot and safely handle a firearm, you can’t afford to not choose Accurate Edge to sharpen your firearm skills. At Accurate Edge, every accurate shot counts. Let us teach you. Knowledge is power, get trained with Accurate Edge!