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Why Choose Accurate Edge for Firearm Safety and Tactical Training?

logo (1)It’s no big secret that signing up for an in-depth firearm safety and tactical course in Florida will make great improvements to your understanding of firearms as well as firearm handling skills. However, there are many other reasons for signing up for a firearms course with Accurate-Edge!

  • The owner of Accurate-Edge has well over 23 years of firearm instructing experience, as well as experience with handling firearms.
  • Accurate-Edge offers flexible scheduling as well as weekday classes. We make it even easier for you to find the time to take a firearms course.
  • We even offer non-firearm personal safety training!
  • Owner is a Florida D and G Licensed Security Force Member.
  • We offer on-location firearms training in Florida with our portable live fire range.
  • Our owner is a retired Navy Auxiliary Security Force Member.

If you’re ready to increase your personal safety, and learn how to properly own and handle a firearm in Jacksonville, Florida, there is no better choice than Accurate-Edge. Our Florida firearm training is world-class, and we aim to teach you the skills you need to greatly improve your personal protection and properly own and operate a firearm.  Contact us for more information today! Since 2005, our team has provided Florida’s best basic and instructor-level firearms and tactical training courses.

Do I Need to Take A Beginner’s Class to Get My Florida Firearm’s License?

So you’re hoping to get your Florida Concealed Weapon or Fire Arm License, but what do you need to know? At Accurate-Edge, we always stress the importance and need for continuing firearm training and education to help make you a safe and accurate shot! However, you may not need a beginners course to qualify for a Florida firearms license, if you meet the requirements below it’s probably best you enroll in one of our “next level” or intermediate firearm courses to build your knowledge and skill level!

If you demonstrate competence with a firearm by any of the following, you do not need to enroll in a beginner’s class to receive your Florida firearms license:

  • Taken and completed a hunter education and safety course by a Fish and Wildlife revolver-2922_640Commission.
  • Completed a firearms training or safety course by a state-certified or NRA firearms trainer.
  • Have completed military service.
  • Completed any law enforcement firearm safety or training courses.
  • Completion of any NRA firearms safety and training course.
  • Completed any type of safety or training course available to the public offered by a higher education institution or proper training equivalent.

If you meet any of the requirements above, we suggest looking at the many courses we offer to help you better hone your skills. Knowledge is never over, and at Accurate-Edge, we want to help you continue to learn and grow as a passionate firearms enthusiast.