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NRA LE Instructor Certified

instructor_logoIt’s no secret that Accurate Edge takes pride in offering the very best firearms training courses in Florida. We’re certified in many different NRA certified concentrations, but we’re happy to announce that we are now NRA LE certified! What does this mean?

The NRA established the Law Enforcement Division in 1960 to help provide the law enforcement community a means to certify firearm instructors that can properly instruct members of law enforcement on how to properly handle and execute a firearm.  Today, Accurate-Edge is happy to announce the certification to provide the best in law enforcement and military firearm training. Our state-of-the-art training is even better than before, and we look forward to training current and future members of law enforcement.

We always strive to offer only the best firearms training throughout the state of Florida, and we’re now even better than before.  With an extensive background in firearms, as well as a slew of certifications, you can take solace in knowing you’re receiving only the best and most well-rounded firearms training.  Learn more about our background, and schedule a firearms course today! Contact us for law enforcement training programs that can greatly help achieve your goals of safety, marksmanship, and tactical expertise.

NRA Certified Training for Instructors & More

nra-business-allianceDid you know that at Accurate Edge, we are NRA certified Instructors and not only offer personal firearm training, but top-notch, world-class instructor training as well? Whether looking for firearm instructor training or personal firearm training, it’s often best to choose an NRS Certified Instructor like the ones found at Accurate Edge. Below are a few benefits of learning from an NRA certified Instructor:

· As NRA certified instructors, we possess and demonstrate a strong background in firearm DSC_0319safety and shooting skills through vigorous training.

· We know how to professional demonstrate safe firearm handling skills and have passed the all questionnaires and exercises proctored by an NRA Appointed Training Counselor.

· We are certified for a variety of disciplines, including:

o NRA Basic & first steps pistol, rifle & shotgun

o NRA personal protection in the home

o NRA personal protection outside the home

o NRA “Refuse to Be a Victim” Personal Safety Seminar

o NRA Personal Protection in the Home (Basic Tactical Training)

o NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Tactical Training)

o NRA “Refuse to Be a Victim” Personal Safety Seminar

o NRA Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer

o NRA’s Advanced Defensive Pistol Mentor Program

If you’re looking for instructor training or want to hone safe firearm skills in Florida, choose Accurate Edge. We take pride in what we do, and make sure every shot counts.