Billy Woods: NRA Training Counselor & Lead Instructor

Billy Woods Lead InstructorBilly Woods was raised on a farm in Oklahoma in the 1960’s where farming and farm life had a great influence on the development of his character and values. Among other things, he learned to care for the land and animals. During the early 1970’s, Billy spend a considerable amount of time in the mountains of Idaho. He became very involved with Boy Scouts and the FFA through school events. There he developed camping, hunting, and wilderness skills that formed his outdoorsman lifestyle.

Upon graduating from high school, he enrolled in Boise State University and completed two years of college. Afterwards, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps, graduating at the top of the company and eventually training as an infantry solider. Billy then volunteered for the Force Recon unit and became a Marine Scout. As a long-range shooter, he successfully competed in several rifle competitions. Due to an injury he sustained, he left the Marine Corps and went back to college to start a career in computer programming.

Looking back on his life, he sees the value of youth programs, which he enjoyed in his youth. Billy is motivated to pass on the experiences and knowledge that he has gained. In fact, he has held a troop position with the Girl Scouts, allowing him to teach those skills to his daughters. This experience has helped him develop the ability to be gentle yet firm when teaching and leading children.

With a desire to pass on the knowledge he has gained, Billy organized two separate shooting groups. One was a personal safety and defensive pistol shooting group with a group of employees from his workplace. It was a very successful course and still has a strong following. Since then, it has expanded to the rifle program with youth shooters as the core members of the group. Success with youth-only and family-oriented shooters has been established with minimal conflict. Both parents and teachers have praised the program for helping with the development and growth of the children in the program.

G2ZN3825Billy’s Personal Accomplishments Include:
• Marine Recon Scout
• Long-Range shooter
• Rappel Master and Instructor
• Scuba & Mixed Gas Diver
• Parachutist RAM and Wing from the Military
• NRA Instructor
• Training Counselor, IDPA Safety Officer and Competitor, and USCCA Instructo


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