Why Train with a SIRT Laser Pistol?

G2ZN2049-300x200SIRT Laser pistols can help polish your shooting skills and make training a lot of fun. At Accurate-Edge.com we offer a selection of SIRT laser pistols for your training needs. The simple design of SIRT Laser pistols allows training almost anywhere. What are some of the benefits of firearm training using a SIRT laser pistol?

  • There is no firing of any projectile when training with a laser pistol, so you can safely train anywhere.
  • Laser Pistols simulate the weight and gravity of a live fire pistol. These useful tools help you get used to holding and firing a firearm, without actually shooting live ammunition.
  • Laser pistols help you maintain control of a pistol and learn how to properly handle a firearm.
  • The SIRT Laser Pistol was developed for shooters by shooters.
  • SIRT Laser Pistols are simple to use and can help you effectively learn shooting accuracy and handling.

Get “trigger time” anytime and anywhere with a handy SIRT Laser Pistol at Accurate Edge. At Accurate Edge, we proudly carry on-target SIRT Laser Pistols for your firearm training. Contact our Florida based firearm training business today to place your order on a SIRT Laser Pistol to help you polish your firearm handling and firing skills today!