Why Train with a SIRT Laser Training Pistol?

1342133028220_c442bWith a simple design, a SIRT Laser Training Pistols allows for firearm training almost everywhere and anywhere! There are numerous benefits that come with using a SIRT Laser Training Pistol to hone your firearm skills. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Train safer! SIRT Training Pistols don’t fire any projective, and the lasers are not harmful. This makes training safer and presents the trainee many options in terms of where they can practice their skills.
  • A SIRT Pistol weighs the same as a real firearm and handles very similarly. This helps you get comfortable with handling a firearm, and prepare you better to handle an actual firearm once the time comes.
  • SIRT Pistols mimic actual firearms in terms of placing shots on a target and even has a shock absorbing magazine that won’t damage if it hits the floor.
  • The lasers allow for proper training of draws and other pistolcraft skill sets. With a weighted magazine, a SIRT Pistol simulates the weight of gravity of 10 round of 124 grain 9mm ammunition.
  • SIRT Laser Training Pistols are proudly made in the USA!

Take your training to the next level with a SIRT Laser Training Pistol from Accurate-Edge.com.